Our Standards – What We Will and Won’t Do


-We will always be honest with you.
-We will always personalize your wedding according to your wishes.
-We will always dress in proper attire (or as specified by you).
-We will always conduct business professionally, ethically and respectfully.
-We will always ensure your guests feel welcome and are included, informed and entertained.
-We will always have back up equipment and music (on site).
-We will arrive at your wedding early.
-We will assist in organizing your wedding sequence of events from an logical flow and entertainment perspective paying attention to every detail.
-We will be available to help you plan an unforgettable wedding and reception.
-We will be personally involved in the preparation, planning and production of your wedding entertainment experience (if you wish).
-We will follow the details as confirmed for your wedding (including music “must play” and “do not play” lists.)
-We will give you our complete attention (we only book one wedding per day).
-We will have (and show you) proof of liability insurance; especially since more venues now require it to even set up to perform at their venue.
-We will play the music at appropriate volume levels (inside or outside) and for cocktails, dinner and dancing.
-We will play appropriate and proper music (including guests’ requests), but respectfully will opt to refrain from playing songs that are racial, inappropriate or riddled with foul language.
-We will have a professional equipment presentation (no cheesy DJ banners, etc for us).
-We will provide you with a complete “no surprise” price up front.


-We won’t tell jokes on the mic, be goofy or cheesy, or try to make your wedding all about us. We want you to be the focus of your wedding, not us.
-We won’t embarrass you, your family or guests (including the new tacky “roast my wedding party” rant).
-We won’t smoke, or chew tobacco at your wedding. Water, soda or tea is the only beverages we consume as long as it is okay with you.
-We won’t flirt or hit on you, your, mom, sisters, girl friends, family or wedding party members.

A note from Jeff .

While we are a smaller, hybrid Kentucky wedding DJ entertainment company, we feel it’s important that you know we have internal standards and take them very seriously. We provide the pubic with these standards so that you can be confident and comfortable knowing your wedding is hosted by a dedicated, comprehensive wedding professional. This way, your only job is to relax and enjoy an amazingly fun wedding celebration.

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